Art 84 hosts individual artists and collectives of various styles and media along with live Dance + Music + Art.

Art at Cannon Coffee:

Art 84 has partnered with Cannon Coffee to present art that’s both enjoyable and has something to say. Cannon Coffee has great coffee, tea, and light snacks to enjoy while you’re viewing the art. 1901 W William Cannon, Austin. Mon-Fri, 7am-5pm, Sat-Sun, 8am-5pm.

Samosas and Spaghetti – Watercolors of India & Italy by Supriya Kharod – July 2 – Sept 30, 2022

Supriya Kharod shares her insights from her travels to India and Italy through original watercolors. Supriya is an artist and author from Austin, TX. Her watercolors and sketches are inspired by her Indian heritage, excursions around the world and, especially, everyday life in our “weird” city of Austin, TX.

Wonders of France – Closed July 1 2022


Austin-based artist, Thierry-Clément Bignolet, embarked on an epic tour of out-of-the-way wonders in his native France. Thierry’s photographic works are far more than travelogue though. Each image is profound and meaningful, evoking an emotional response to the beauty of nature and our attempts to accompany it with architecture and artifacts. Share the experience of this diverse and surprising country though Thierry’s ethereal photographic works! (Sunday, April 3 through June, 2022)

Japan in Focus – Closed April 2022


Three artists – Erica WardHarrison Marek, and Veronika Ikonnikova –share their unique views of Japanese culture based on their time and experiences in Japan. Interesting and beautiful, these artworks capture the essence of a country and culture in a way that words cannot. Produced by Art 84 and Interval Design.  

Revisit past Art 84 Art and Artists

Art 84 has featured quite a few artists for past Austin Studio Tours. We are pleased to highlight those participating in different locations for the 2021 WEST & EAST Austin Studio Tour:
Alicia Philley EAST Tour Stop #384 Canopy
Amy Scofield EAST Tour Stop #330 Home Studio
Art from the Streets EAST Tour Stop #419 Canopy
Casey Alfstad, freeverbs, concept animals #239 Foundry
Cornelius Carter: Tango Paintings at Esquina Tango during weeks of EAST
Emily Hoyt-Webber WEST Tour Stop #14 ArtCo Us
Harrison Marek WEST Tour Stop #182 Cannon Coffee
Helen Mary Vanston Marek WEST Tour stop #195 Circle C. EAST Tour Stop Tour Stop #247 Link & Pin
Jennifer Chenoweth Hosting Digital exhibit, Producing Outdoor event – both with other artists
Kim Eitze Henna, hula hoops, jewelry, and art at her studio
Melanie Hickerson EAST Tour Stop #358 Ground Floor Theatre (Melanie’s “1956 West Texas” is Art 84’s key image)
Rhea Pettit WEST Tour Stop #202 Circle C. EAST and EAST Stop #P32 The Cathedral
Valerie Chaussonnet WEST Stop #133 Home Studio. EAST Stop #363 MASS Gallery

Special Projects:

Cornelius Carter 

Taking inspiration from multiple traditions, Cornelius weaves together imagery from history, mythology, childhood, and life experience to create paintings that are thought-provoking, captivating, and beautiful. He often incorporates historical elements and classical styling, but from his own cultural perspective. People and their relationships are a central theme in his work.

The Struggle and the Glory: The American Experience

Art 84 and the Neill-Cochran House Museum present The Struggle and the Glory: The American Experienceworks by Cornelius Carter, June 9 – Sept 5, 2021.
2310 San Gabriel St., Austin. Wed-Sun 11am-4pm. Mention “Art 84” for discount on Museum admission ($6 vs $8)

The Struggle and the Glory is the live follow up to Art 84’s 2020 Work in Progress virtual exhibit with the addition of recent works by the artist and pieces from his dance and music series.

Art 84 C Carter Card 7-22-20 CARD 3 front. jpgWork in Progress is a virtual exhibit presented by Art 84 and Fisterra Projects that features the art of Austin artist Cornelius Carter that captures the struggle and glory of the African-American experience along with the artist’s faith in the American dream of equality and opportunity for all. We share that faith, and we support all the people who are working so hard today to make the dream a reality.

Geraldine’s Place

Geraldine’s Place showcases the self-expression and colorful art created and at once displayed at the home of the late Austinite Geraldine Hickerson (1919-2014). Online now. Watch for live exhibit in 2021.

2020 Austin Studio Tour

Work in Progress — Through the Windows: featured select works by Austin artist Cornelius Carter

2019 EAST Austin Studio Tour Art 84 Artists

Samples of art from each artist is below
Helen Mary Vanston Marek: (#502)
Harrison Marek: (#503)
Luna Davis: (#504)
Kim Eitze: (#505)
Justin C Gordon: (#506)
Eve Larson: (#507)
Yoyo Pong: (#508)
Randall Soileau: (#509)
Digital Drawing Room (Casey Alfstad Curator) (#510)
Art from the (#511)

(See examples of each artist’s work below)

Melanie Hickerson: (#501)
Note: We chose Melanie Hickerson’s painting “1956 (West Texas)” as our Key image for Art 84 because it so beautifully personifies the love of Dance + Music + Art.

Helen Mary Vanston Marek: (#502)

Harrison Marek: (#503)

Luna Davis: (#504)

Kim Eitze: (#505)

Justin C Gordon: (#506)

Eve Larson: (#507)

Yoyo Pong: (#508)

Randall Soileau: (#509)

Digital Drawing Room (Casey Alfstad Curator): (#510)

Art from the (#511)

We hope you will stop by Art 84 during the 2019 EAST Austin Studio Tour

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Previous Art 84 Exhibitions

2018 EAST Austin Studio Tour 

E18_Image_TemporaryExhibition w stops

Thank you again to the eleven wonderful visual artists who were part of Art 84’s 2018 EAST Studio Tour: Thierry BignoletCornelius CarterValérie ChaussonnetLinda DumontMelanie HickersonEmily Hoyt-WeberJose LopezHelen Mary Vanston MarekAlicia PhilleyAmy Scofield, and Gentlemen Dancers (Ben Ruggiero, Ben Lynch & Ryan Vaughn)

2018 Artists


Thierry Bignolet


Cornelius Carter


Valérie Chaussonnet


Linda Dumont


Melanie Hickerson


Emily Hoyt-Weber


Jose Lopez

patriotic blue

Helen Mary Vanston Marek

Alicia_Philley_Sunrise at the Creek

Alicia Philley

Amy_Scofield _1 TEMP

Amy Scofield


Gentleman Dancers
(Ben Ruggiero, Ben Lynch & Ryan Vaughn)

2017 EAST Austin Studio Tour

EAST 2017 cover for card

Thank you again to the eight wonderful artists who participated in our inaugural
EAST Austin Studio Tour in 2017. Click the links below for more info for each artist.
We celebrated Austin’s love of dance and music through abstract and figurative art by Caroline Wright, David Garza, Melanie Hickerson, Eric Débris, Rhea Pettit, Helen Mary Vanston Marek, Valérie Chaussonnet and Jennifer Chenoweth. The below pieces highlighted the gallery’s Dance + Music + Art theme for EAST 2017.
Click links for more info for each artist.
Art 84 (aka Gallery 84) | Dance + Music + Art

The Party - Caroline Wright higer res

Caroline Wright  “The Party”

David Garza Gift of Music

David Garza “The Gift of Music”

1956 (West TX) 2100x1050
Melanie Hickerson “West Texas 1956”

Dennis and Jolie

Rhea Pettit “Grace in Motion”

Debris RocknRolla 41x27

Eric Débris “RocknRolla”

HM Larry & Emily dancing

Helen Mary Vanston Marek “Larry & Emily — Fishnet Stockings”

Chaussonnet_Dancing Malevich cropped

Valérie Chaussonnet “Dancing Malevich”

LarrysPolka-300x224 enlarged

Jennifer Chenoweth “Larry’s Polka”