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Geraldine’s Place

Geraldine’s Place showcases the self-expression and art created and at once displayed at the home of Austinite Geraldine Hickerson (1919-2014).
Live Immersive Exhibit coming November 2022 – Location TBA Intro Video

Art at Cannon Coffee:

Art 84 and Cannon Coffee  are pleased to present “Wonders of France” featuring the photography of Thierry-clément Bignolet. 1901 W William Cannon, Austin. Mon-Fri, 7am-5pm, Sat-Sun, 8am-5pm.

Wonders of France

Photos by  Thierry-Clément Bignolet, Cannon Coffee through June 2022

Austin-based artist, Thierry-Clément Bignolet, embarked on an epic tour of out-of-the-way wonders in his native France. Thierry’s photographic works are far more than travelogue though. Each image is profound and meaningful, evoking an emotional response to the beauty of nature and our attempts to accompany it with architecture and artifacts. Share the experience of this diverse and surprising country though Thierry’s ethereal photographic works! (April 4 through June, 2022).

Samosas and Spaghetti
Watercolors of India & Italy by Supriya Kharod

Cannon Coffee – July through September 2022

Our first familiarity with a culture is often through its food, fashion, and music, but a visit can bring much deeper understanding. In this exhibit at Cannon Coffee, Supriya Kharod shares her insights from her travels to India and Italy through original watercolors. She says, “My entire life has been filled with color and my paintings reflect it.” So much the better for portraying these wonderful, colorful countries!

Please explore these wonders while enjoying Indian and Italian snacks at the opening reception [date & time TBA], or a delightful cup of coffee or tea any day of the week. All at Art 84 at Cannon Coffee.  July 1 – Sept 30, 2022, 1901 W William Cannon Dr., Suite 165A. Mon-Fri, 7am-5pm, Sat-Sun, 8am-5pm.

Supriya Kharod is an artist and author from Austin, TX. Her watercolors and sketches are inspired by her Indian heritage, excursions around the world and, especially, everyday life in our “weird” city of Austin, TX. Her book Reflections on Art, Life, and Italy [link] features her paintings and sketches of Italy, along with reflections on her art process and on life.

Japan in FocusClosed April 3, 2022

Three artists – Erica Ward, Harrison Marek, and Veronika Ikonnikova – joined us for this month-long exhibition – each heavily influenced by their time and experiences in Japan. It is through their collective work that we would like to share a view of what Japanese culture looks like to those who, though they are not themselves Japanese, have taken tremendous effort to understand the culture. Each interpretation is unique, and through these various readings, it is our hope that there is a clear if not understated impression of the country and culture. We would be ecstatic if you could join us for this show before March 31st so that, through your patronage, we can share this impression with those who may be curious themselves.

Art 84 is partnering with Cannon Coffee, to present art by local artists. Another International-themed art exhibit is planned for the Summer/early Fall. Details soon!

Stop by Cannon Coffee to enjoy some coffee, tea, and light snack while enjoying the art.
1901 W William Cannon Dr Suite 165A. Mon-Fri, 7am-5pm, Sat-Sun, 8am-5pm.

Hopes for Peace from Art 84

“Sunflower” by Helen Mary Vanston Marek

Recent Events:

Hope for Spring – Pollinators – Exhibit at the Neill-Cochran House Museum

Pollinators Art by Melanie Hickerson, Cornelius Carter, and Helen Mary Marek. See NCHM link for photos of winners and other art.

Through Sat, April 16, 2022. NOTE: This is not an Art 84 exhibit, but we’re happy to highlight some Art 84 artists! Fabulous and fun art featuring bees, butterflies, bats, birds, and bugs who help make our world more beautiful and healthy by spreading pollen. 80+ pieces by 40+ artists including three Art 84 artists: Melanie Hickerson, Cornelius Carter, and Helen Mary Vanston Marek. The art is displayed throughout the beautiful historic building. Here are a few of the pieces by Art 84 artists, but there’s so much more! 2310 San Gabriel Street

Seven Creatives – Video highlights 2 Art 84 artists + 5 other artists

Art Exhibit at the Pflugerville Library, Sponsored and Presented by the Pflugerville Arts Council. Show Closes March 10, 8pm. Video tour by Helen Mary V. Marek Marek, Director, Art 84

Art 84’s Director, Helen Mary Vanston Marek joins Rhea Groepper Pettit (Art 84 2017 EAST artist), Hailey Gearo, Steve Gore, J.D. Keith, Tim Woolsey, and Joey Shaw (of Pfun ARTS) for this beautiful exhibit featuring powerful portraits, fun animal photobombs, creative caricatures, vibrant abstracts, and mixed media works incorporating upcycled materials. Sponsored and presented by the Pflugerville Arts Council (Melissa Call, President). Hosted by the Pflugerville Public Library. 1008 Pfluger St W.

2021 at Art 84

WEST & EAST 2021 Austin Studio Tour

Thank you to everyone who visited Art 84 artists Harrison Marek of Interval Design at Cannon Coffee, Helen Mary V Marek of VanMarek Design at Circle C, as well as other artists who have been part of the Art 84 Team. Links for all past Art 84 artists is below.

For the past 4 years, Art 84 has participated as a stop on the EAST Austin Studio Tour. Although we no longer have our pretty blue house to showcase artists and events, we were pleased to sponsor an exhibit at Cannon Coffee for WEST and to promote our previous Art 84 artists who are participating in the 2021 AST (see list below).

Big Medium’s 2021 Austin Studio Tour is a free, self-guided citywide celebration of art featuring over 530 Austin-based artists and collaboratives.

For the WEST Austin Studio Tour, Art 84, Interval Design, and at Cannon Coffee presented Experiential Turbulence, a digital immersive space by Harrison Marek, Troy Candelaria, and Tyler McBeth. The exhibit also included other digital art pieces by Harrison Marek, along with work by Tokyo-based artist, Veronika Ikonnikova, exploring the magical aspects of daily environments through atmospheric illustration. @veronika_ikn. @interval_design for more details. The display art will be up through March 2022.

Art by Austin-based architectural designer, Harrison Marek of Interval Design
Work by Tokyo-based artist, Veronika Ikonnikova.

Presented by:

Sponsors: Technology Futures, Old School Liquor, Austin Beerworks, VanMarek Design, Carrie Vanston – Leadership Mindset Success, Interval Design, Hyper Objective, Family Business Beer Company, Serendipity Wines


Helen Mary Vanston Marek (Tour Stop #195) of VanMarek Design joined 18 other artists for a group show at Circle C Community Center for WEST. Circle C Creatives (Tour Stops #189-203). 7817 La Crosse Ave. This is the first year that Circle C participated in WEST!
Helen Mary also had art as part of Creative Art Society’s “12 Square EAST” exhibit at Link n Pin Gallery for EAST. 2235 E 6th St #102. (Tour Stop #247)


Art 84 has featured quite a few artists at past Austin Studio Tours, including artists participating in different locations for the 2021 WEST & EAST Austin Studio Tour. See list of all the artists below.

Alicia Philley EAST Tour Stop #384 Canopy
Amy Scofield EAST Tour Stop #330 Studio
Art from the Streets EAST Tour Stop #419 Canopy
Casey Alfstad, freeverbs, concept animals #239 Foundry
Cornelius Carter: Tango Paintings at Esquina Tango during weeks of EAST
Emily Hoyt-Webber WEST Tour Stop #14 ArtCo Us
Harrison Marek WEST Tour Stop #182 Cannon Coffee
Helen Mary Vanston Marek WEST Tour stop #195 Circle C. EAST Tour Stop Tour Stop #247 Link & Pin
Jennifer Chenoweth Hosting Digital exhibit, Producing Outdoor event – both with other artists
Kim Eitze Henna, hula hoops, jewelry, and art at her studio
Melanie Hickerson EAST Tour Stop #358 Ground Floor Theatre (Melanie’s “1956 West Texas” is Art 84’s key image)
Rhea Pettit WEST Tour Stop #202 Circle C. EAST and EAST Stop #P32 The Cathedral
Valerie Chaussonnet WEST Stop #133 Studio. EAST Stop #363 MASS Gallery


We have been so honored to present The Struggle and the Glory: The American Experience — works by Cornelius Carter this Summer with/at the Neill-Cochran House Museum.

The in-person exhibit closed Sept 5, 2021, but continues as a Virtual Video Tour

Tango Video — To highlight Cornelius Carter’s love of the Tango, Esquina Tango Austin entertained us with two beautiful dances on the porch of the historic Neill-Cochran House Museum. Wow!

Work in Progress

The Struggle and the Glory is the live follow up to Art 84’s 2020 Work in Progress virtual exhibit (below) with the addition of recent works by the artist and pieces from his dance and music series.

Work in Progress WordPress imageGeraldine's Place WordPress image

Geraldine’s Place:

Geraldine’s Place showcases the self-expression and art created and at once displayed at the home of Austinite Geraldine Hickerson (1919-2014). Online now. Watch for live exhibit in 2022.

Special Joint Video Project

Art 84 works with the Neill-Cochran House Museum to create a Virtual Tour of the “Hope for Spring: the Flower of Texas” art exhibit. More details.Space

Past Exhibits and Events

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