Art 84 works with the Neill-Cochran House Museum to create virtual tour of “Hope for Spring: the Flower of Texas”

To celebrate the beauty of the Texas State Flower the Neill-Cochran House Museum in Austin is displaying a collection of local art inspired by the bluebonnet.

Art 84 is pleased to work with the Neill-Cochran House Museum to create a virtual tour of their “Hope for Spring: the Flower of Texas” exhibit which allows more people to view the show and see it after it closes on April 11. We met with the NCHM staff and videoed an intro and all the individual art entries (art displays start at 5:33). Enjoy!

There’s a great backstory of how the Dames of Texas helped encourage the Texas Legislature in 1901 to choose the bluebonnet by displaying “Bluebonnet and Evening Primrose” by Mode Walker and presenting each Legislator with a jar of bluebonnets. That painting hangs at the historic home.

If you haven’t had a chance to view “Hope for Spring: The Flower of Texas” exhibit at the Neill-Cochran House Museum (NCHM) in Austin, we encourage you to visit. The in-person show closes April 11, 2021. There are 37 artists and over 50 pieces featured including art by Art 84 EAST artists Randall Soileau and Helen Mary Vanston Marek. The virtual show will be available for longer! (Video by Hudson Marek.)