Art 84 – Produced by Fisterra


Fisterra utilizes art to inspire and revitalize people and communities. We begin locally, Homegrown, with art as a framework for activation. Art can inspire people to greater trust, satisfaction, and prosperity through connectedness to their community, place, and purpose. Learn more about our local programing Draw Together, Art 84, and The Theorists.


Fisterra is a nexus of citizen/artists. We are beings with the capacity for change. We collaborate with people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and abilities. As a cultural partner for creativity and engagement, Fisterra Projects teams with experts and community organizations across the States to inspire change.


Fisterra’s name derives from the edge of the known world. To that end, we are caring, polymath people with a range of artistic, scientific, technical, and societal interests working together on innovative projects that benefit society. Theorist Fest, artist residency programs, performance and workshop tours, and online practicums provide opportunities for our global community to connect more deeply to each other, and the environment.

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