Geraldine’s Place

Draft Mockup 2

Geraldine’s Place | An event showcasing the
self- expression and art once displayed at the home of Geraldine Hickerson (1919-2014)

Event date, location, and details to be announced. 

“Mom always allowed painting, drawing on the walls, as long as I can remember. Once, we had been decorating the living room wall in our company house in Phillips, TX. My oldest sister had painted a castle with a dragon! Then one day when I came home from elementary school, Mom handed me a hammer and said “We’re taking out that wall.’ The little kids were already going at it. It was fun. We hammered, pried and in no time all that was left were the wooden support beams. My dad had a fit when he came home but we had an enlarged living room.”   —Melanie Hickerson