Geraldine’s Place

Geraldine’s PlaceArt by Geraldine Hickerson

Video introducing Geraldine’s Place.

Outside, Geraldine’s Place was a simple mobile home in South Austin…
but inside it was a jewel box of vibrant colorful art painted on the walls, floor, ceilings, fixtures, and furniture. Art 84 reimagines this beautiful space ― not with plaster and paint, but with projections of light.

Geraldine’s Place showcases the self-expression and art created and at once displayed at the home of Austinite Geraldine Hickerson (1919-2014).

RELATED EXHIBIT – Mom and Me featuring paintings by Melanie Hickerson focusing on her mom, Geraldine Hickerson just closed at Link & Pin Art Space. The “Mom and Me” exhibit at Link & Pin was not an Art 84 event, but we created this short video as an extra for the show. (Art 84’s key image “1956 (West Texas)” of the woman in a red dress dancing in her living room is by Melanie Hickerson.)

Online Exhibit 2020-2021 View

Live Immersive Space Coming Fall 2022 Intro Video

Two Special Events on Zoom: Thank you everyone who joined us at the zoom events for the Austin Studio Tour in November 2020. We are looking forward to the live immersive exhibit in 2022.

1: Geraldine’s Place: On the Path to a Virtual Mobile Home
The creators of “Geraldine’s Place” discussed the project as it progresses from a Facebook post to a live, immersive experience of the hand-painted mobile home of the late Austin artist, Geraldine Hickerson, who has become a colorful testament to art in old Austin.

2:  The Life and Times of Geraldine Hickerson
Geraldine’s Place is Art 84’s virtual, projected exhibit of the colorful home of the late Austin artist Geraldine Hickerson. During this online presentation, we took a brief tour of Geraldine’s art with her daughter, Melanie Hickerson and granddaughter, Kim Eitze, as they and other family members and friends conversed about Geraldine’s philosophy and impact.

This event is part of the Austin Studio Tour sponsored by Big Medium

“Mom always allowed painting, drawing on the walls, as long as I can remember.
Once, we had been decorating the living room wall in our company house in
Phillips, TX. My oldest sister had painted a castle with a dragon! Then one day
when I came home from elementary school, Mom handed me a hammer and said
“We’re taking out that wall.’ The little kids were already going at it. It was fun.
We hammered, pried and in no time all that was left were the wooden support beams.
My dad had a fit when he came home but we had an enlarged living room.”   

—Melanie Hickerson