Experiential Turbulence – WEST 2021

For the WEST Austin Studio Tour, Art 84, Interval Design, and at Cannon Coffee presented Experiential Turbulence, a digital immersive space by Harrison Marek, Troy Candelaria, and Tyler McBeth. The project highlights people inhabiting a space, relating to each other’s presence, and rendering their interactions in an artistic and intuitive way. More Details on Interval Design’s site. Contact Harrison if you’re interested in showcasing this project.

Experiential Turbulence Immersive Exhibit

Digital Art Exhibit by Harrison Marek and Veronika Ikonnikova

The exhibit also included other digital art pieces by Harrison Marek, along with work by Tokyo-based artist, Veronika Ikonnikova, exploring the magical aspects of daily environments through atmospheric illustration. @veronika_ikn. @interval_design for more details. This exhibit continued as Japan in Focus until through April 2022.

Art by Austin-based architectural designer, Harrison Marek of Interval Design
Work by Tokyo-based artist, Veronika Ikonnikova.

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Sponsors: Technology Futures, Old School Liquor, Austin Beerworks, VanMarek Design, Carrie Vanston – Leadership Mindset Success, Interval Design, Hyper Objective, Family Business Beer Company, Serendipity Wines